Non-members and visitors


Suggested donations for green maintenance:


One Day  $7


Weekly  $20


Monthly  $50




Club Membership


One Year  $180 


Life Membership  $2000






Our club pins can be purchased at the clubhouse.

Club shirts and polo style baseball hats with an embroidered palm tree logo are also for sale at the clubhouse.  




Honolulu Lawn Bowls Club, Ala Moana Regional Park, Honolulu

Visitors are welcome.  Free lessons for beginners at 9.20 am on Saturdays before games begin at 10 am.

We bowl every Saturday at 10 am.  There is bowling on other days.

Often there are games at 10 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and at 5 pm on Thursday. 


Free lessons for Beginners and free use of equipment every Saturday morning from 9.20 am to 9.50 am.

Join us at the green.

The club has a variety of bowls to loan and visitors are not required to follow a dress code other than wearing flat-soled shoes.  It is a universal rule in lawn bowling that shoes with heels are not allowed because they may damage the playing surface.  Members and visitors are requested to arrive at the green 10 minutes earlier than playing times so that they can be acquainted and be there when we make up teams.

Our bowling green is maintained by Greens-keeper Mr. Rey Ito.  Its playing surface runs at 13 to 16 seconds, typical of many outdoor natural grass greens but slow in comparison to those with artificial surfaces that are 18 seconds or more. 


The Unofficial 2020 Barefoot Bowls World Championships

will be held Wednesday February 12 through Friday February 14, 2020


To find the green see the directions at our Find the Green page.