The Unofficial Barefoot Bowls World Championships

Hosted by the Honolulu Lawn Bowls Club
 Wednesday February 13 through Saturday February 16, 2019


Join us for four days of fantastic social bowling.
Bowl with teams from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.


Brief rules of the tournament:
Teams of two; bowling a total of five bowls in seven end matches
Multiple round robin matches each day qualify teams for third day knockout.
Saturday will be a fun day of social bowls in mixed teams.


Entry fee includes:
Tournament shirt and cap, light breakfast and lunch each day at the club & bottled water.

Plus dinner at the Awards Luau, club merchandise, trophies, prizes and Friday night fireworks!
Entry fee is US $130 per person


Register as an individual, a team of two or bring multiple teams, contact:
Honolulu Lawn Bowls Club at


Affordable hotel packages are available at a variety of Waikiki properties:
Escape the clutches of winter and bowl with us in paradise!


The Unofficial 2018 Barefoot Bowls World Championships was hosted by the Honolulu Lawn Bowls Club.

Wednesday February 14 through Saturday February 17, 2018 

 Results of the 2018 Aloha Barefoot Bowls

 Championship (King Kamehameha Division)
 1st Place - Mark Berwick & Nancy Miller (Honolulu, HI)
 2nd Place - Mike Clancy and Diana Wong (Walnut Creek, CA)
 3rd Place - Mary Scott and Mary Stuart (Walnut Creek, CA)

 Runners-Up (Captain Cook Division)
1st Place - Carolyn Choy & Mary Kung (Walnut Creek, CA)
2nd Place - Brian Flynn and Judy Rasmussen (Honolulu, HI)
3rd Place - Peter Oleson and Hetta Danford (Honolulu, HI)


Aloha Barefoot Bowls

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q: The participation is open to social bowlers (member bowlers who do not compete in leagues)?

A: YES, teams are being comprised of either one or two social bowlers. You are encouraged to bring your team with you. If you are an individual, we can pair you with another participating bowler once you arrive in Honolulu.

Q: What is included in the entry fee per person?

A: Included for your entry fee is unlimited bowling in Honolulu for the months of January and February, lunch for three days along with a constant supply of bottled water, a club pin, dinner at the awards luau on the Friday evening, prizes and trophies. The balance of the funds will go to pay for improvements to the club facilities related to hosting the event such as green upgrades.

Q: Do we have to bowl barefoot?

A: You can if you wish but it is not mandatory. Most bowlers wear flat soled shoes. The name "Barefoot Bowls" suggests that this is a fun, social competition.

Q: Do I need to bring my own bowls?

A: NO, we have forty sets of bowls available for you to use at no charge.

Q: What is the match format?

A: Teams of two bowlers will bowl a total of five bowls per end. Three bowls by the lead and two bowls by the skip. Matches will last for seven ends.

Q: How many teams can participate in the tournament?

A: The 2018 tournament format accommodated 24 teams of two bowlers.